Tell your Senator – protect our right to adult stem cells

AAPSPatients For Stem Cells supports this call from the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS)

Ask Your Senator to “Put a Hold” on US Senate Bill 959

Go to this page: HOLD SB 959

It has a link to contact your Senators, and explains what the FDA is up to. There are only 27 days until the vote.

Here is the a short message to convey over the hone or in email:

“Do NOT support SB 959. It is the most anti-patient bill in several years and vastly expands the power of the FDA, which could shut down all access to adult stem cell treatments for critically ill patients. It encroaches on our civil liberties and the practice of medicine.”

Patients For Stem Cells has been raising the alarm over the ever widening control the FDA is trying to throw over our bodies. The FDA has been undermining the right to use our own stem cells since the early 1990’s, as we documented in our earlier post The History of FDA Control of Your Body. Check it out and watch the video as a refresher before you call your Senators.