Mission Statement

Our mission is to create awareness about the violation of our basic human rights to access our own stem cells for potential life saving therapies, through vetting media sources and enlightening the research community and public of our plight.

This group strives to be neutral when it comes to our own interests or that of any clinic. We represent the general interests of all patients who need treatment.

Have you read something in the media on stem cells that you feels needs vetting? Please submit the article via the Contact Us form. Include your name and comments, and if you would like your opinion included if we vet the article.

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How do we vet media items?

First we contact the author and ask them to respond. If we get no response, then we post the material and our observations.

We evaluate media items based upon The Pew Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism:

“Journalists rely on a professional discipline for verifying information. When the concept of objectivity originally evolved, it did not imply that journalists are free of bias. It called, rather, for a consistent method of testing information–a transparent approach to evidence–precisely so that personal and cultural biases would not undermine the accuracy of their work. The method is objective, not the journalist. Seeking out multiple witnesses, disclosing as much as possible about sources, or asking various sides for comment, all signal such standards. This discipline of verification is what separates journalism from other modes of communication, such as propaganda, fiction or entertainment. But the need for professional method is not always fully recognized or refined. While journalism has developed various techniques for determining facts, for instance, it has done less to develop a system for testing the reliability of journalistic interpretation.”



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