Episode 4 – The Healing Miracle Of Stem Cells

I hope everyone is signed up to receive the daily episode via email. I failed to post yesterdays episode where Michelle Wittenburg a Texas Lawyer, Lobbyist, and Advocate who was key in the passage of HB 810, Charlie’s Law, was interviewed. She did an outstanding job explaining why patients have to be the focal point and how this is no longer the case in most situations. WE AS PATIENTS must demand better!

In todays episode you will see an interview by Dr. Neil Riodan. His enthusiasm is contagious as he describes the breakthroughs his company has made in stem cell therapy.

In order to avoid the tangle of medical bureaucracy that exists in the US, Dr. Riordann relocated to Panama—where many people have benefitted from his cutting-edge treatments and incredible progress is being made in the field of research.

In the last ten years, Riordan has treated over 5,000 patients suffering from a wide range of injury and disease. He will fascinate you with his detailed, well-explained description of how stem cells team with other cells to heal and regenerate. And, the success he is seeing in patients with Autism, Duchenne MS, arthritis, auto-immune disease and spinal cord injury will amaze and inspire you.

This father of four is especially passionate about healing progressive childhood diseases, and he is seeing excellent results in young patients whose lives would otherwise be overshadowed by life-limiting genetic conditions or injuries that have, until now, been considered untreatable.

This episode expires at 7pm CST tonight and episode 5 will then become available. We are hoping to post some of the highlights of the series once it is released in its entirety on this site. When we work through the logistics we will post.

Have a wonderful weekend and thank you all for your support!