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Episode 4 – The Healing Miracle Of Stem Cells

I hope everyone is signed up to receive the daily episode via email. I failed to post yesterdays episode where Michelle Wittenburg a Texas Lawyer, Lobbyist, and Advocate who was key in the passage of HB 810, Charlie’s Law, was interviewed. She did an outstanding job explaining why patients have to be the focal point and how this is no longer the case in most situations. WE AS PATIENTS must demand better!

In todays episode you will see an interview by Dr. Neil Riodan. His enthusiasm is contagious as he describes the breakthroughs his company has made in stem cell therapy.

In order to avoid the tangle of medical bureaucracy that exists in the US, Dr. Riordann relocated to Panama—where many people have benefitted from his cutting-edge treatments and incredible progress is being made in the field of research.

In the last ten years, Riordan has treated over 5,000 patients suffering from a wide range of injury and disease. He will fascinate you with his detailed, well-explained description of how stem cells team with other cells to heal and regenerate. And, the success he is seeing in patients with Autism, Duchenne MS, arthritis, auto-immune disease and spinal cord injury will amaze and inspire you.

This father of four is especially passionate about healing progressive childhood diseases, and he is seeing excellent results in young patients whose lives would otherwise be overshadowed by life-limiting genetic conditions or injuries that have, until now, been considered untreatable.

This episode expires at 7pm CST tonight and episode 5 will then become available. We are hoping to post some of the highlights of the series once it is released in its entirety on this site. When we work through the logistics we will post.

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The Healing Miracle….The Truth About Stem Cells Episode 1

Thank you so much for being a part of PFSC. We appreciate each and every one of you and we are honored to provide a voice for everyone battling chronic illness seeking adult stem cell therapy. Tonight premiered episode 1 of the 10 part documentary series on the HOPE and HEALING that adult stem cell therapy can bring to chronic and terminal conditions. This episode is available for 24 hours. PFSC participated in the filming of this project to share our personal stories of success in being treated with adult stem cells, and the ground breaking medical freedom legislation Charlie’s Law, HB810, the state of Texas passed, allowing for the use of expanded adult stem cells to treat chronic conditions. This could help countless no option chronic patients access therapy in Texas. A much better option than going out of the country. Although there are some native Texans who would argue Texas is its own country. PFSC is comprised of people from all over the world. We share the HOPE of adult stem cells with people from all areas, but are grateful Texas lead the way and we are looking forward to helping other states follow. God Bless Texas!!!

As a group we do not profit from the filming or distribution of this project in any way. We are able to share this with you for free. Sign up and a new segment will come to you in your in-box over the next several days.

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A Message of Hope

Happy New Year! Our first post of 2018. Patients for Stem Cells was asked to participate in a docu series on adult stem cells. Follow the link below to view the series. The series was due to release in October. When the producer found out about the passage of the historical medical liberty legislation “Charlie’s Law” in Texas we were contacted and asked to participate. They were gracious enough to delay the release date so we could tell the story of our Texas victory. It was a great honor and we are very grateful to have been given an opportunity to share our personal stories and how Texas led the nation in passing legislation allowing chronic patients to receive adult stem cell therapy in Texas.

There is already a misinformation campaign underway to discredit the series. We stand by the fact that the overall message is a message of HOPE. Countless patients with an array of afflictions have reaped the benefits of adult stem cell therapy. There will always be debate over running it through clinical trials even though we have numerous patients who have received elevation in quality of health. There never seems to be a place at the table for those patients. We at PFSC do not believe our cells are a drug. Therefore, the ongoing debate over running it through clinical trials are irrelevant. We believe this is a decision that should be made between a doctor and a patient and falls solely under the practice of medicine.

It can be exhausting to just make it through the day when you battle a chronic disease. Add to that the need to constantly defend your choice as a patient to seek a non FDA approved effective safe treatment and it can be completely overwhelming. We see this happening within our own families. Some well intended family members express grave concerns because they hear all the rhetoric about adult stem cell therapy and how it is not a proven therapy. We are here to dispel that. The voices of the countless patients who have been successfully treated are strong! We may not be scientist, but we are experts in our health and managing life with a chronic disease. It’s fair to say we all have our PHD’s in what’s good for our own chronic condition! So what is ourPFSC’s job? It’s simple, we are a safe zone. The voice of reason. We understand without judgment. We are here in the trenches living this chronic life with you. We are proud of the project and hope it touches the lives of those who are struggling or simply lost hope. Patients For Stem Cells is a patient based group and we stand united with a clear message of HOPE and HEALING.

Here is a 3 min clip of the upcoming docu series on adult stem cell therapy. The series can be viewed at The full release will be January 16th. Please forward and share. It’s important that we get the word out.

View the video at