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Preserve Access To Stem Cell Therapy In Europe

Click to endorse STEMSO letter.

Click to endorse the STEMSO letter.

Patients For Stem Cells asks our subscribers to endorse STEMSO’s letter to the European Medicine Agency. Help STEMSO protect access to cellular therapies for patients. To view the letter and endorse Click Here

The new EMA classification impacts ALL cellular therapies. It addresses “borderline” situations, essentially not allowing access to cellular therapies. Transplants are the exception to the new classifications, such as a liver transplant or a pancreas transplant. This new regulatory document effects all plastic surgeons, medical device companies, orthopedics, physicians, and all regenerative medicine prospective patients.

STEMSO has spent a great deal of time drafting a “collective” response and has placed the letter on our website . We are asking for “endorsements” of this letter to show the EMA CAT Committee that this letter represents the opinion of many.

The International Stem Cell Society, STEMSO, is a member based, international, non-profit 501(c) 6 trade association for the purpose of promoting the interests of the global, adult stem cell healthcare industry while linking patients and stakeholders with member medical organizations. STEMSO provides information, education, resources, advocacy and public awareness for the advancement of the adult stem cell industry.

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